April 5, 2017

Your Business is a Road Trip – Who Do You Want in Your Van?

Business is a road trip - who's on board your bus?Every April, I do a 200-mile relay race with 11 other people.

It’s a logistical challenge: run from Gettysburg to Washington, DC; 30 hours of continuous running; two vans with sweaty runners; lots of winding roads and bad convenience store food.

It’s great fun and exhausting at the same time.

At 3 a.m. (when I’m running in the dark somewhere in rural Maryland) I always ask myself, “Why am I doing this again?” Read full article

March 13, 2017

Overcoming Common OKR Mistakes

3 ways to avoid making mistakes when using the ORKs approachIf only using the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) approach were as easy as setting the objectives and key results for your organization and then sitting back and watching your achievements roll in.

Unfortunately, this is never the case.

In fact, there are a number of common mistakes that organizations make that can take you off track.  Read full article

February 7, 2017

Are you Invaluable or Indispensable?

Guest blogger Margaret E. Wilson is an expert in family enterprises and the concepts she presents also apply to most businesses and nonprofits.

By guest blogger Margaret E. Wilson, MSOD, PCC

When you were younger, did you ever participate in a spelling bee? I recently reconnected with some childhood friends and it reminded me of something I hadn’t thought of in a long time – the day I lost the 5th grade spelling bee. I lost on the word “indispensable.” Though the sting of that day is long gone, the lesson has stayed with me.

That’s how it is with things that don’t come easily to us – once we’ve mastered them, we rarely repeat the mistake. And that’s a good thing, because that word “indispensable” comes up a lot in working with family business succession. Read full article