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Experience in Action

Setting strategic direction is difficult enough, but add in the large number of variables that are par for the course for most companies and it’s even more challenging.

Complex structures, multiple stakeholders and shifting external environments require a clearly defined approach to identify key data, articulate priorities, assimilate disparate concepts, build consensus and measure progress.

Our “high-level strategy/actionable plan” approach empowers clients to see more clearly, manage information more effectively and create forward movement through a process that’s been vetted during dozens of client engagements.

While we always tailor our approach to meet an organization’s specific needs, here’s the top-line of our process:

FIND CLARITY: Understand team dynamics; clarify roles, priorities and objectives.

Stakeholder interviews
Market research
Focus groups
Facilitated strategic sessions

SET STRATEGY: Determine clear, consistent direction; create structured process and tools; identify metrics.

Strategic plan
Operating plan

TAKE ACTION: Engage leadership in integrating new strategies, behaviors and objectives into day-to-day procedures, management and culture.

Actionable plan (operational plan, financial plan, growth plan)
Board development
Accountability improvement

GET RESULTS: Leave the organization focused, committed and on the path to implementing vision, increasing profitability, revenue and sustainability.

Ongoing facilitation and coaching
Teaching and training
Benchmark analysis

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