June 15, 2017

Your Business is a Road Trip – Step on the Gas

Use your rearview mirror to help your organization move foward faster.If you’ve read the first two posts in this series (Who Do You Want in Your Van? and Get People in the Right Seats), you know that we’re on a metaphoric business road trip, that you don’t want to travel with just anyone and also that where each person sits is critically important. With all that in your mind, it’s time to do one thing:

Step on the gas!

Given that you’re clear on where you’re going and you’ve assembled the set of skills, capabilities and personalities capable of delivering you to your destination, as a business owner, you want to get to your goals as fast as possible.

One way to do this is to just floor it and push through, ignoring the view in the rearview mirror and any mess you are leaving in your wake.

Although this approach might work for a while, I’d suggest that keeping your eye on the rearview mirror is essential for helping you achieve even more speed and better navigate the road in front of you.


The view in the rearview mirror provides feedback, suggestions and guide posts that will help you adjust as you continue to move forward.

Are there flashing lights from a police car in your rearview mirror?

Maybe you’re going too fast. Slow down and check the dashboard (the metrics that will give you the best feedback for the situation). You might find that simple adjustments are needed to support the speed you want to go. Or, that moving at your current speed is actually slowing down your overall trip simply because you’re forced to pull over too often.

Can you see your passengers in your rearview mirror?

If they’re enjoying the ride and helping get you where you’re trying to go, great. But if they’re bickering, bored and complaining, find the cause and make necessary adjustments. Even though you originally chose your passengers carefully, things change over time and it’s okay to either move someone to a new seat or ask them to exit your van for good. In fact, the big mistake most organizations make is keeping employees that are no longer a fit too long.

Are cars honking at you and passing you easily?

Again, check your dashboard to discover why you’re not keeping pace with others on the road. Perhaps it’s time to step on the gas just a bit more. Maybe it’s time to upgrade a system to move more quickly and achieve better efficiencies. As long as you continue to regularly check your dashboard and your rearview mirror, you can safely afford to do so.

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